Lubrico Royal 0W-20 Hybrid Fully Synthetic - 5L


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LUBRİCO ROYAL OEM 0W/20 is full synthetic engine oil provide fuel economy, formulated especially for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV-Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and hybrids rechargeable (PHEV-Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) equipped with gasoline engines, turbo or atmospheric, direct or indirect injection. Recommended for electric vehicles of type BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) equipped with a petrol thermal engine, extending the range.

  • Provides fuel economy thanks to improved anti-friction properties.
  • Provides quick lubrication of engine parts during the first start up, thus protecting the engine against wear due to its excellent fluidity during cold weather conditions.
  • Maintains its performance during the long oil drain interval recommended by the engine manufacturers thanks to its superior thermal and oxidation stability.

It has registered its quality in this field by obtaining the product approvals of the important OEM manufacturers of its sector such as Lubrico, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Man and Renault.