Trench Shovel Fibreglass Handle


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This trade quality shovel is fitted with a long fibreglass handle.

Fibreglass handles are known for decreasing shock and extra durability. The long handle is great for extra strength and leverage. 

Also known as clean out shovels, these have a narrow blade with a sharper curve to clean out and define trenches. 

Great for creating and clearing narrow trenches, also ideal for transplanting shrubs. Grab this shovel when there is some real work to be done.

  • Fibreglass handle for durability and shock reduction
  • Long Handle for strength and leverage
  • Hardened and tempered virgin steel head
  • Trade quality for strength and long life
  • Bright colour for easy location
  • Durable quality and lightweight
  • Length: 1470mm
  • Blade: 310x175mm